About Agra-Cycle

Founded in 2009,  AgraCycle's mission has been to develop a practical, sustainable methodology for recycling food and other organic wastes that did not involve adding carbon emissions and methane into our atmosphere. 

Initially,  our research was focused on the design and development of a vertically constructed, thermophylic composting unit, capable of processing 10 tons of food waste per day.

But as we explored various methodologies we found what that the solution lay not in aerobic bacteria,  nor even thermophylic bacteria, but in anaerobic bacteria.  More commonly referred to as probiotics.

We have developed a sustainable method of recycling organic waste that enables nearly all the nutrients 
to be returned to the soil instead of into the atmosphere. 

In comparison, open air composting looses about three quarters it's total volume
 as carbon is released into the air . We think that is just wasteful.

Agra-Cycle seeks to maintain the highest standards of service to our community and environment while maintaining benchmark standards for ethics, transparency and accountability combined with what we like to think of as old fashioned common sense.

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