Recycling food and other organic waste provides a viable alternative to 
carbon and methane emissions associated with dumping wastes at a landfill.
Every ton that you help us recycle eliminates about 1,500 lbs of carbon and methane emissions while at the same time preserves nutrient resources and regenerates the soil.  

There are established businesses that would gladly recycle organic waste if there was a consistent, reliable pick-up service. AgraCycle can help most companies set up a recycling project that can not only save on disposal fees but create positive PR as well.

Recycled organic waste contains about three times the nutrient value as compost and is loaded with probiotics that help heal the soil and fight off plant disease. There are already landowners that embrace regenerative farming techniques but do not have the resources to recycle organic waste on their own. AgraCycle can help formulate a plan that makes sense and reduces fertilizer use

Carbon   Sequestration
Improves   Soil   Health

We can't keep wasting natural resources and creating carbon emissions and then honestly say that we care about the environment..  
Returning carbon and organic matter to the soil has been scientifically proven to aid in both restoring and maintaining soil health.
Recycling food and other organic waste is just common sense.
News about AgraCycle. 
Since our last update, AgraCycle has been granted Tax Exempt Status through an IRS determination letter as a 509(a)(3)
And we want to say “Thank You” to each person who has graciously donated to help AgraCycle. 
Your donations have enabled Agra Cycle to grow from an idea into a Tennessee Chartered Non-Profit Corporation and then bloom into an Federally recognized public charity.
We want to also recognize those that gave of their time to do the paperwork and the foot work for our mail, website, banking and (seemingly) never-ending paper work and filing!  Without you we would not have made it so far, so fast.

Looking Ahead

2017 is going to be the first year that AgraCycle begins implementing demonstration projects in as many locations as possible.   These demonstration projects will provide recycling services for organic waste streams.

Each project will seek to demonstrate the viability of sustainable organic waste recycling with a participating landowner of suitable location and locally sourced organic waste (farm, restaurant, food processor, etc.) and volunteers that process scheduled waste deliveries.

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