Agra-Cycle   Food Waste Recycling Solutions

Why Recycle Food Waste?

Cut your carbon footprint
Reduce landfilling 
Eliminate carbon emissions and green house gases,  
Conserve natural resources and support sustainable agriculture.

It's time to learn about food waste recycling

Every ton of food waste produce about 1,500 lbs. of greenhouse gases!

Recycling Food Waste eliminates the production of greenhouse gases 
and mitigates risk to our water table.

It's time to change 

Food Waste Recycling is one of the most effective and efficient carbon sequestration methods yet discovered. 

Once food waste has been processed and amended to soil, it absorbs many times its own weight in atmospheric carbon. 

Returning carbon and organic matter to the soil has been scientifically proven to aid in both restoring and maintaining soil health.

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