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Welcome to Agra-Cycle

We want to show you how easy it is to prevent green house gasses while capturing carbon from the air and putting it back into the soil where it belongs.

This is your opportunity to stop talking about the environment
and start doing something that produces results.

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Agra-Cycle is a non profit organization that promotes sustainable recycling as a foundation for sustainable communities.

By recycling organic waste instead of dumping it in a land fill we can all do something to prevent green house gasses. 

When recycled organic waste is put to the soil all the nutrients, minerals and trace elements increase are reclaimed and increase the health of the soil.

Recycled organic waste absorbs thousands of times it's weight in carbon from the atmosphere.  This creates a powerful carbon sink that naturally increases air quality.

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We accomplish this by diverse community outreach, programs and
activities that promote sustainable recycling and agriculture.

We can help you or your organization meet and exceed  environmental goals with measurable results that make a difference! 

Join the cause

You can make a difference!  Join with our mission and help restore our environment.

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