Food Waste Recycling Services

Agra-Cycle can help you to meet your carbon reduction and green goals

  • Cut your carbon footprint,
  • Reduce landfilling, 
  • Eliminate carbon emissions and green house gases,  
  • Conserve natural resources or support sustainable agriculture. 
Agra-Cycle has the information your looking for to learn all about food waste recycling.
  • We eliminate the production of greenhouse gases from landfilling food waste as well as mitigating risk to our water table.
  • Landfilling food waste produces about 1,500 lbs. of greenhouse gases for every ton dumped but recycling food waste eliminates all that.  
  • The carbon content is returned to the soil instead of being released into the atmosphere.

  • Our carbon sequestration projects are among  the most effective and efficient carbon sequestration methods ever discovered. 
  • Once food waste has been processed and amended to soil, it absorbs many times its own weight in atmospheric carbon. 
  • Returning carbon to the soil in addition to organic matter has been scientifically proven to aid in both restoring and maintaining sustainable agriculture processes.
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